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The global community of people speaking up at work and leaders who listen

Who we are

The Speak Up Collective is an online meeting space of people passionate about co-creating safe, healthy and inclusive workplaces around the world so that people can speak up on things that matter.

Our members are from diverse industries and backgrounds, bringing multiple perspectives as to help you explore issues and solutions for your workplace culture.

Why we are here

We yearn for a better world where we feel valued and empowered at work. Where we can show up as our best selves, grow and have a meaningful career while staying true to ourselves and our values.

Yet many people don't have that. They hesitate to speak up if they disagree with a boss or the direction their company is taking. 

People fear speaking up when they see harm like harassment, corruption or dangerous conditions. For too long we have normalised harm to ourselves - workplace bullying, sexual harassment and discriminatory treatment and fear no one will believe or support us.

Employers who have faced scandals from sexual harassment, racism or corruption or caused catastrophic harm need to reassess their workplace culture and make it safe for people to Speak Up.

At The Speak Up Collective we are determined to change this. We strongly believe that every workplace has individuals who want to do the right thing but lack support. In this platform you will find that support through conversations, sharing resources and exploring solutions. Collectively, we can help organisations course correct - including those with toxic cultures, maybe even your own workplace!

Join The Speak Up Collective

If you:

  • Are a passionate change-maker in workplace wellbeing, safety, anti-corruption, gender equality, racial equity, anti-harassment, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and protecting workers in the supply chain.
  • Are a change agent within your organisation - a leader, manager, working in HR, HSE, Communications, Compliance or any role striving for ethical and good governance.
  • Have been harmed at work, including harassment, discrimination or for speaking up, and want to see positive changes in the World of Work.

What happens in The Speak Up Collective

As members, you can: 

  • Join our monthly calls (two a month to accommodate multiple timezones) where we discuss anything about speaking up at work or focus on a related theme.
  • Join a Space (a special interest groups) - driven by Speak Up Champions on the issues that interest you: corruption, workplace bullying, #MeToo authentic leadership etc. In Spaces you can get a deeper understanding of the issue, explore solutions and share challenges and success stories, all within a safe space.
  • Create posts and engage with fellow members by sharing your experiences. You can write articles for visibility, or even offer to host events and seek engagement on a topic you are passionate about - as long as it's relevant to The Speak Up Collective and our values.
  • Network with a global community and make new friends along the way.
  • Exchange and bounce off ideas, no matter how crazy, and watch how your ideas grow, evolve and manifest with the energy of an enthusiastic community. You can test your ideas by launching a Trial Balloon (hosted by us!) and invite members for feedback.

All this for FREE! Some spaces may require a fee to ensure commitment and help us and the Speak Up Champions run the Collective.

Speak Up Champions

Speak Up Champions are the movers and shakers on this site, leading or collaborating on the various Spaces. They may be influencers within their own industries and have joined the Speak Up Collective to share their important message and skills and co-create with members on a broader level. Speak Up Champions believe in the Speak Up ethos, especially around honouring safe space.

If you want to be a Speak Up Champion, join us, get engaged and let our hosts know.

Speak Up Discovery

The Speak Up Collective is the community arm of Speak Up At Work. If you want to learn more about our course offerings (online and in the real world!), head over to Speak Up Discovery to find out more. We are developing courses which aren't online yet, but if you want to know more, DM us on LinkedIn

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Who we are

The Speak Up Collective was started in March 2021 by Animah Kosai, CEO of Speak Up At Work Limited (UK). Animah is Malaysian-British with 23 years experience as practicing lawyer in Malaysia and as corporate counsel in the Oil & Gas Industry. She was general counsel with a US-Malaysian joint venture before deciding to take the big leap and share her expertise on a larger platform. 

Animah writes extensively and has given talks to the media and corporates related to speaking up at work: covering harassment, safety, business ethics, bribery & corruption and empowering women."

Our Associates 

We are delighted to co-create Speak Up Cultures in association with experts and networks from around the world

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